Marc Marquez does his first trial with Repsol's renewable fuel

Marc Marquez does his first trial with Repsol’s renewable fuel

World Cup News | Marc Marquez, Repsol, and Honda have been conducting tests at Repsol’s Technology Lab, the multi-energy company’s research center, on the renewable fuel produced by Repsol in an effort to keep the same performance on track while drastically decreasing net CO2 emissions. The goal of the test at the Jarama circuit in Spain was to get the rider’s first views of the bike’s performance so that the firm could work on developing the most effective renewable fuel for the 2024 MotoGP season.

The Repsol Honda Team rider had the same performance with the advanced biofuel as with regular gasoline. The energy firm takes a big step forward in its mission to provide renewable fuels to the competitive market without sacrificing engine performance with this test. Through his comments, Marquez helped HRC engineers and Repsol scientists better understand and improve the efficiency of this renewable fuel. The organizers of MotoGP have set out a schedule in which the competition will utilize at least 40% non-fossil fuel beginning in 2024 and 100% by 2027.

Repsol has spent a great deal of time and effort developing biofuels in the hopes that they will soon be a viable alternative to traditional fossil fuels and a useful tool in conjunction with other methods of decarbonizing transportation, such as electrification or renewable hydrogen, for lowering emissions in the future.

The multi-energy firm has conducted extensive research and development into alternative fuels for racing, including at the Dakar Rally, where the Repsol Rally Team already uses renewable fuel, and at the French Formula 4 series, where the company has supplied a fuel of 100% non-fossil origin this season. Thanks to Repsol’s expertise, HRC and its riders will have access to the highest-quality renewable fuel beginning in the 2024 MotoGP season.

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Repsol’s Cartagena plant will be Spain’s first advanced biofuels facility, and it will be live in the first half of 2023, producing 250,000 tons of renewable fuels from trash. The Bilbao synthetic fuel factory is also making headway, with the business aiming to enter the demonstration phase of production in 2024. These facilities are crucial to Repsol’s strategy to become the renewable fuels market leader on the Iberian Peninsula by 2025 and to achieve its objective of generating net zero emissions by 2050.

To to author Marc Marquez: “Since I didn’t experience any negative side effects from utilizing the biofuel and felt well afterward, the experiment may be considered successful. In order to keep performing at a high rate. Even though Repsol puts its products through extensive testing before they get them to the track, it’s always a good idea to do some more tests there to make sure the findings haven’t changed owing to track conditions. By sharing data, we ensure that the track can replicate the conditions of the testing center.

“A rider’s attention is naturally drawn to the reaction time of the motor. This relies on combustion, which may be overly aggressive at times, but you want it to rise revs smoothly, so that the sensation when you first touch the gas is smooth. In this scenario, everything went swimmingly. Under high revolutions, when performance is at its peak, you also notice that the engine is running smoothly.”

Repsol Technology Lab Product Design Advisor Dolores Cardenas: “The trick with this gasoline is that you can’t tell the difference in how it makes you feel. These renewable fuels may be separated into two major categories based on their production methods: advanced biofuels, which are derived from biomass wastes, and synthetic fuels, which are created by trapping carbon dioxide and renewable hydrogen.

“The organizers of MotoGP have shared their plan to make the series more environmentally friendly, with the use of renewable material in fuels being the first step in 2024. Repsol is already working on this and has created 100% renewable fuel for the French Formula 4 series. Furthermore, the Repsol Rally Team employed a biofuel that was 50% of their total fuel supply in the most recent Dakar Rally. It’s MotoGP’s time to shine now.”

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