CryptoDATA takes over as the primary stakeholder of RNF MotoGP

WORLD CUP NEWS | CryptoDATA takes over as the primary stakeholder of RNF MotoGP

CryptoDATA : The racing team RNF Racing Ltd. is happy to announce that the blockchain applied technologies pioneer and creator of hardware and software cybersecurity solutions CryptoDATA Tech has become a majority stakeholder in the company. The RNF MotoGP team, which has been around for just fifteen months, has entered a new era with the help of this strategic investment.


CryptoDATA, the cybersecurity firm, was announced as the MotoGP team’s Official Premium Partner for the last three races of the season, and the partnership quickly blossomed into a mutual appreciation of the long-term benefits of having a MotoGP team.

CryptoDATA is the largest stakeholder, and their plan is to take the commercial and branding components of the team to the next level by expanding into motorsports, namely MotoGP. With Team Principal Razlan Razali still at the helm, the RNF MotoGP Team will compete as an Independent Team in the top class of the FIM MotoGP World Championship, with an emphasis on sport and technology.

On race day at the Valencia Grand Prix, the RNF MotoGP Team and CryptoDATA will reveal a unique livery design in honor of the season’s last race and the beginning of this historic milestone.

RNF Racing Ltd. Founder and Team Principal Razlan Razali said, “Today represents a historical milestone for the team. Please accept my sincere appreciation to CryptoDATA for having faith in myself and the team.

After just a short time of talking, we’ve decided to commit to one other for the foreseeable future. In what I have already called a terrific alliance, we have decided to prolong our cooperation. Together, the two firms provide a wealth of knowledge and experience that will propel the team to success in both the racing and commercial worlds.

While the young, bright, inventive, and ambitious people of CryptoDATA’s team work to bolster our position off track, my primary focus is on making sure the squad is competitive for the title.

“With the knowledge we’ve gained from our past victories, the same strong and committed team from our MotoGP garage, and a great rider line-up, we’re ready to make a return with CryptoDATA for the upcoming season,” they said.

“We are thrilled to continue our collaboration and become the main stakeholder of the RNF MotoGP Team,” said Ovidiu TOMA, CEO and founder of CryptoDATA Tech. CryptoDATA has found a home in the MotoGP World Championship by aligning with the series’ core principles and goals.

The MotoGP World Championship is an exclusive and worldwide showcase, a unique universe where the starting grid provides a platform for heroes. This year, we made history as the first Romanian corporation to Title Sponsor a Moto Grand Prix at the Red Bull circuit, and we’re more enthusiastic and determined than ever to become the full stakeholder in the RNF Team. For CryptoDATA, this is not just a watershed moment in the company’s history, but also the start of something fresh and a powerful motivation.

The team is headed by skilled, serious, and experienced managers, thus we are optimistic about 2023 and certain that we will succeed. We are committed to helping the team succeed in MotoGP and realize its full potential.

Bogdan Mărunţiş, Global Strategy and Founder, CryptoDATA Tech: “We are glad to announce our partnership with the RNF team, and we are confident that we can help the team set strategic goals for the upcoming season and long-term performance goals both on and off the track. It is our goal to launch the team into a thriving enterprise that will promote our brand values in the world’s premier racing series while also giving our fans and partners access to unforgettable events.

We, as representatives of CryptoDATA, will be in responsible of the company’s strategic management, and we want to help the team maintain and improve its standing in both the MotoGP and business communities.

“The agreement that Razlan Razali has reached with CryptoDATA allows him to maintain the viability and presence of his project in MotoGP,” said Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports S.L. Having a new sponsor for a Dorna-brought squad to the competition makes us very happy. It was a pleasure working with CryptoDATA at the Austrian Grand Prix; they have the vision to grow and the foresight to combine forces with Aprilia in 2019, providing the stability MotoGP desperately needs.

The significance of Motorsport in general and MotoGP in particular is shown by their decision to invest in a full team rather than simply the sponsorship sector. We’re aware that Razlan was presented with a number of demands, but we think he ultimately decided on the best course of action to secure his organization’s long-term success.

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