Awarded "Best Grand Prix" for the year 2022, the SHARK Grand Prix de France

Awarded “Best Grand Prix” for the year 2022, the SHARK Grand Prix de France

It’s official: 2022’s best grand prix will be the SHARK Grand Prix de France. Each season’s winner is determined after a thorough evaluation of all aspects of the weekend’s events and a series of votes by the IRTA in a variety of categories. So far this year? For France and the legendary Le Mans, this is a first.

On race day alone in 2022, more than 110,000 people gathered to the French venue, making it the ideal culmination to a weekend full of on-track thrills and fan festivities. The event has long been a highlight of the MotoGPTM schedule, thanks to a packed schedule that includes stunt displays, rider appearances, and more. The enthusiasm of the crowd in MotoGPTM has been amplified by the presence of not one, but two local heroes vying for the lead.

Just in time for the paddock to return to the circuit in 2023 to commemorate the 1000th Grand Prix in history and the 30th GP organized by PHA Claude Michy, Le Mans has been awarded the title of Best Grand Prix for 2022.

Mr. Claude Michy, Public Health Advisor: “We are honored to receive this recognition, but I am grateful to Carmelo Ezpeleta for the confidence he has shown me since 1994. Collaboration has always been easier because to the informative conversations we’ve had with IRTA.

“We extend this gratitude to everyone who had a role in putting on the SHARK Grand Prix of France Moto, including the ACO, its collaborators and marshals, our business and public partners, our suppliers, the prefecture of SARTHE and the local authorities, and, of course, our incredible audience.

SHARK Grand Prix de France

This year will be our 30th time hosting the SHARK Grand Prix de France Moto, and it will be held on May 12th, 13th, and 14th, 2023.

President of the International Radiotelegraph Association (IRTA) Hervé Poncharal: “As the President of IRTA and a native of France, I am ecstatic that the 2022 French Grand Prix has been named the greatest in the world. Indeed, I find the work of Claude Michy and his team to be outstanding.

He’s been doing a fantastic job for the last three decades, and I believe they’ve set an example for other promoters by instituting fan zones, bringing the riders directly to the spectators, and holding the main event on a Saturday. There’s always a new twist, stuntmen, every year. He proved that the MotoGPTM race is the highlight of a Grand Prix weekend, but that other events are necessary to keep people interested. He pioneered the use of fan communities, concert tours, and other ancillary events. Moreover, they’ve always had a wonderful audience, and it has always been one of the most attended Grands Prix, despite a lack of local superstars in the premier class until Johann and Fabio.

“From what I’ve seen, Claude has always been in constant communication with Dorna, eager to make improvements wherever feasible, and eager to help make each MotoGP weekend the best it can be for fans. If anything, I find it surprising that the French Grand Prix has never won before 2022, given how consistently good it is.”

Dorna Sports CEO, Carmelo Ezpeleta: “That the French Grand Prix was chosen as the finest race of 2022 is a source of great pride for us. This recognition is well deserved, as over the last three decades Le Mans has consistently delivered something exceptional to the table, collaborating closely with us and IRTA to provide a memorable weekend for the hundreds of thousands of spectators who attend the French Grand Prix.

“We appreciate everything that Claude Michy and his crew have done to make the French Grand Prix a success over our many seasons of collaboration. As Le Mans celebrates this 30th event and hosts the 1000th Grand Prix in the history of our sport, we congratulate you on obtaining the 2022 Best Grand Prix award and look forward to coming next season for another historic event.”

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